Why Sealcoat?

Protecting Your Investment

How a Little Maintenance Now Can Save a Lot of Money Later

Your asphalt parking area is a significant portion of your property investment. Regular maintenance including sealcoating Coal Tar Emulsion (CTE) sealer will keep your asphalt looking great while significantly extending the life of your pavement at minimal cost.

Extends the Life Cycle

Sealcoating with CTE makes asphalt last longer. Period. As soon as asphalt is laid it begins to deteriorate. In addition your asphalt being weakened by constant attack from sunlight, rain, and air pollution, gasoline and oil from vehicles also destroy the asphalt binder making it susceptible to fading, cracking, raveling, and potholes. A CTE sealcoat seals out the destructive elements.

Saves Money

Preventative maintenance greatly extends the life of your pavement reducing the need for more expensive repairs and premature replacement.


Sealcoating enhances the look of your property by renewing the rich, black surface of brand new asphalt. A well cared for lot projects a positive image of your property.


When pavement is not properly maintained, potholes and raveling are commonplace. Parking lot owners are liable for damages due to potholes and slip and falls on their property.
When to Sealcoat

When to Sealcoat

Experts recommend sealcoating new asphalt within the first year of installation, but not in the first 90 days. Sealcoating early and regularly thereafter will significantly improve the pavement's useful life. A CTE sealcoat should be applied every two to four years depending on the wear of the previous application.
If you have sealcoated your asphalt in the past, it is recommended that you apply CTE again every 2 to 4 years, depending on the wear of the previous applications.
Pavement Life Cycle

Pavement Life Cycle

*This chart is designed to demonstrate the potential extension of pavement life when properly maintained with CTE sealer and crack repairs. Beyond proper maintenance, actual service life of pavement is dependent upon original construction, environmental conditions and traffic volumes and types.
How Sealing Works

How Sealing Works

Sealcoating is called such because it provides a seal over asphalt to protect it from being damaged by oils, rain, sprinklers, sunlight, and other elements that degrade the binder that holds it all together. Crack repair with crackfill before sealcoating protects the asphalt base from water intrusion. Together, the end product is asphalt with a smooth, dark finish that is protected from erosion.
Preserve Your Pavement Investment - Demand Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer!

Coal Tar Emulsion (CTE) sealer is the proven, preferred method of enhancing and protecting your asphalt pavement. Only CTE truly offers resilient protection against the environmental elements that are destroying your parking lot.